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Kinematics and Dynamics

Geneva Mechanism (KAD-GM)

The Geneva Mechanisms are often used in applications requiring indexing or intermittent rotational motions (a series of rotation followed by dwell sequences).

Ratchet Pawl Mechanism (KAD-RPM)

Ratchet is form of gear in which the teeth are cut for one way operation. Ratchet pawl mechanism is used in lifting equipment and to preventing the reverse rotation when the input force is removed.

Scotch Yoke Mechanism (KAD-SYM)

Scotch yoke mechanism is used for converting rotational motion of the crank into linear motion of slider or vice versa.

Universal Joint (KAD-UJ)

A universal joint is used to transmit rotational motion from one shaft to another with fixed or varying angles of intersection of the shaft.

Slider Crank Quick Return Mechanism (KAD-SCQRM)

Slider crank Quick return mechanism is used to convert linear to rotary motion or vice versa. It is also used in applications requiring different forward and return stroke velocities.

Four Bar Linkage (KAD-FBL)

Four bar linkage consists of four pin connected links and is widely used for generating irregular motion.

Cam (KAD-CM)

A cam is an element that compels the movement of another element, follower by direct contact.

4/6-cylinder Internal Combustion Engine Simulator (KAD-ICES)

This machine is designed to simulate the mechanical working of an internal combustion engine.

Mechanical Motion and Power Transmission Simulator (KAD-MMTS)

SpectraQuest has designed an innovative Mechanical Motion and Power Transmission Training System (MMPTS) for demonstration and performing controlled experiments to enhance the learning of the fundamental concepts of motion and power transmission mechanisms.