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To gain an in-depth understanding of different vibration signatures, controlled experiments on a device that emulates real world machinery are needed. While analysis of a single machinery fault may be beneficial, there are many occasions when the analysis of the interaction between dynamic stiffness, resonance, and speed is essential in order to gain an understanding of real world vibration spectra. SpectraQuest offers a complete line of laboratory scale machines for performing rotor dynamics experiments and learning vibration signatures of common machinery faults. The bench-top system has spacious modular design featuring versatility, operational simplicity, and robustness.

Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS)

The Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS) family is designed to study the signature of common machinery faults, such as unbalance, alignment, resonance, bearing, rotor dynamics, crack shaft, gearbox, belt drive, reciprocating mechanism, mechanical rub, induction motor, pump, compressor, and fan.

Bearing/Balancing Simulator (BBS)

The Bearing/Balancing Simulator (BBS) is specifically designed to perform research and study of bearing faults and unbalance.

Vibration Fundamentals Training System (VFT)

The Vibration Fundamentals Training System (VFT) is a turn-key integrated educational package for teaching/learning the fundamental principles of mechanical vibration as well as engineering mechanics.

Shaft Alignment Trainer (SAT)

The Shaft Alignment Trainer (SAT) is designed for learning and correcting a wide variety of problems that can arise when shafts are misaligned.

Custom Machinery

SpectraQuest has long had experience in making custom machinery to meet our customer’s exact diagnostics machinery needs.

Kinematics and Dynamics

SpectraQuest offers a series of devices to enhance learning of the kinematics and dynamics principles of a typical machine. We also offer a set of instrumentations including sensors, data acquisition hardware, analysis and simulation software, and training manuals to go along with the applicable product. The devices are labeled as Kinematics and Dynamics based on their application and associated demonstration.