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Transmission Diagnostics/Prognostics Test Rig

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This new transmission test rig is made for the renowned Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center at the University of Maryland for their research in the areas of mechanical transmission health and usage monitoring and gear faults prognostics.

The drive and load motors have 40 HP and 75 HP respectively. There are two train reduction stages along the drive line. The first stage is a planetary gear train with a 3.84:1 transmission reduction ratio. The second stage is a parallel shaft gearbox with a 1.8:1 transmission reduction ratio. The total weight of the test rig by itself is over 4,000 lbs.

The distinguished features of this transmission diagnostics/prognostics test rig are:
1. The load motor is acting as a generator during operation. The power it generates will return to the control circuit. Therefore, the power consumption is low.
2. The positions of the main components along the drive line can be adjusted with jackscrews which make the shaft alignment convenient and accurate.
3. The planetary gear train and the parallel shaft gearbox are cooled and lubricated by a pumped lubrication circuit.
4. The rig is designed to accommodate different types of sensors along the drive line (torque meter, encoder) or around the circumferential of the drive line (proximity probe, velometer, accelerometer, etc).