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SpectraQuest offers several models to investigate diagnostics in gearboxes and drivetrains, all of which are robust enough to handle heady loads and spacious enough for easy gear placement, setup, and installation of monitoring devices.

Gearbox Dynamics Simulator (GDS)

The Gearbox Dynamics Simulator (GDS) consists of a two-stage parallel shaft gearbox with rolling bearings and a magnetic brake.

Drivetrain Diagnostics Simulator (DDS)

The Drivetrain Diagnostics Simulator (DDS) goes further to research a complete drivetrain, adding a planetary gearbox and heavy loading.

Wind Turbine Drivetrain Diagnostics Simulator (WTDS)

The Wind Turbine Drivetrain Diagnostics Simulator (WTDS) has been designed to simulate wind turbine drivetrains for experimental and educational purposes.

Custom Machinery

SpectraQuest has long had experience in making custom machinery to meet our customer’s exact diagnostics machinery needs.