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Education & Training

SpectraQuest products provide comprehensive hands-on experimental devices for performing laboratory exercises to enhance student understanding of vibration and machinery theory. Our complete product line enables controlled experiments on a device that emulates real world machinery, combining the interaction of various machinery components to gain an understanding of real world vibration spectra. It is also an effective tool for introducing the concepts and methodologies of predictive maintenance.

Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS)

The Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS) family is designed to study the signature of common machinery faults, such as unbalance, alignment, resonance, bearing, rotor dynamics, crack shaft, gearbox, belt drive, reciprocating mechanism, mechanical rub, induction motor, pump, compressor, and fan.

Vibration Fundamentals Training System (VFT)

The Vibration Fundamentals Training System (VFT) is a turn-key integrated educational package for teaching/learning the fundamental principles of mechanical vibration as well as engineering mechanics.

Gearbox Dynamics Simulator (GDS)

The Gearbox Dynamics Simulator (GDS) consists of a two-stage parallel shaft gearbox with rolling bearings and a magnetic brake.

Wind Turbine Drivetrain Diagnostics Simulator (WTDS)

The Wind Turbine Drivetrain Diagnostics Simulator (WTDS) has been designed to simulate wind turbine drivetrains for experimental and educational purposes.


VibraQuest is an integrated data acquisition and analysis solution package designed for diagnosing rotating/reciprocating machinery malfunctions, structural dynamics analysis and acoustical analysis. This novel software includes proprietary advanced signal processing algorithms specially designed for diagnosing faults in drivetrain components such as gearbox, bearings and rotor cracks. It integrates with XLRotor and MEScope to solve noise and vibration problems, from experimental design to the final correction.

Bearing/Balancing Simulator (BBS)

The Bearing/Balancing Simulator (BBS) is specifically designed to perform research and study of bearing faults and unbalance.

Kinematics and Dynamics

SpectraQuest offers a series of devices to enhance learning of the kinematics and dynamics principles of a typical machine. We also offer a set of instrumentations including sensors, data acquisition hardware, analysis and simulation software, and training manuals to go along with the applicable product. The devices are labeled as Kinematics and Dynamics based on their application and associated demonstration.

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics software suite is for learning principles of signal processing, vibration fundamentals, and structural dynamics. Computer simulations, analysis, design and animations visualize theories and expedite learning.

Data Acquisition Hardware

SpectraQuest also offers a wide range of data acquisition hardware: 4 channels to 16 channels, low cost or high accuracy, portable or stationary. Combined with our VibraQuest data acquisition and analysis software, you can have a complete turnkey solution from one location.