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Machinery Fault Simulators

A Versatile Tool For Protecting Your Machinery Investment

Condition-based predictive maintenance (PdM) is a reliable, cost-effective technique for monitoring and diagnosing machinery faults before they irreversibly damage your machinery and cause breakdowns that threaten to undermine product quality, delivery and overall customer service. The success of any PdM program ultimately depends on how accurately and easily the vibration spectra, waveforms and phase relationships can be analyzed and understood. Spectra Quest’s Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS) is an innovative tool to study the signatures of common machinery faults without compromising production schedule or profits. The bench-top system has a spacious modular design featuring versatility, operational simplicity, and robustness. Each component is machined to high tolerances so it can be operated without conflicting vibration. Then, various faults can be introduced either individually or jointly in a totally controlled environment, making the MFS the best tool available for learning machinery diagnosis.

Machinery Fault Simulator – Lite (MFS-LT)

The MFS-Lite is our basic simulator providing all the tools needed to learn and study balancing, alignment, resonance, bearing defects, crack shafts, fan and mechanical rub.

Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS)

The Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS) is our most popular model, having a larger baseplate and a more powerful motor. Compared to the MFS-Lite, it adds capabilities to study machinery defects found in gearboxes, belt drives, reciprocating mechanisms, induction motors, pumps, and compressors.

Machinery Fault & Rotor Dynamics Simulator (MFS-RDS)

The Rotor Dynamics Simulator (MFS-RDS), with it’s longer rotor, is designed to study rotor dynamics supported by oil lubricated journal bearings, whirl and whip phenomena, and other common machinery faults as described in MFS-Lite.

Machinery Fault Simulator – Magnum (MFS-MG)

The MFS Magnum is our most comprehensive simulator, combining all the features of the MFS and the MFS-RDS.