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Why VQ
VQ Lite vs. Pro

VibraQuest is an integrated data acquisition and analysis solution package designed for diagnosing rotating/reciprocating machinery malfunctions, structural dynamics analysis and acoustical analysis. This novel software includes proprietary advanced signal processing algorithms specially designed for diagnosing faults in drivetrain components such as gearbox, bearings and rotor cracks. It integrates with XLRotor and MEScope to solve noise and vibration problems, from experimental design to the final correction.

Noise and Vibration Solutions

Noise and vibration measurements and analyses are increasingly performed to enhance product quality; monitor and diagnosis rotating/reciprocating machinery performance; design more efficient structures and products; and improve our quality of life. In order to optimize the benefits, this process must be examined in a broad sense. Most software packages on the market today do not address each phase of the process needed to reach a complete solution. Typically, these phases are as follows:
  • Project Definition and Experimental Design
  • Data acquisition
  • Data reduction and analysis
  • Predictive model development
  • Development of possible solutions and strategies
  • Report generation
SpectraQuest’s VibraQuest starts the solution process by designing experiments. Then it helps you create a plan to implement the experiments. It collects quality data and performs in-depth analyses. VibraQuest also provides tools to quickly examine the effects of test variables to reveal root causes and develop a predictive model for arriving at solution strategies. Finally, the results can be used to create reports, which can be exported in a variety of different formats and shared with other engineers.