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SpectraQuest offers heavy duty machinery capable of inducing and growing faults allowing to develop remaining life predictive models; making it an ideal tool for prognostics research.

Gearbox Prognostics Simulator (GPS)

The Gearbox Prognostics Simulator (GPS) is our entry prognostics simulator for industrial gearbox studies.

Drivetrain Prognostics Simulator (DPS)

The Drivetrain Prognostics Simulator (DPS) has been specifically designed to simulate industrial drivetrains for diagnostics and prognostics research.

Bearing Prognostics Simulator (BPS)

The Bearing Prognostics Simulator (BPS) is for conducting fundamental research in bearing wear and in modeling bearing damage evolution process.

Custom Machinery

SpectraQuest has long had experience in making custom machinery to meet our customer’s exact diagnostics machinery needs.