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Engineering Mechanics Suite

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Spectra Quest Engineering Mechanics Software is for learning principles of engineering mechanics and performing simulation, analysis, and design. Computer simulations and animations visualize theories and expedite learning. The software series also provides tool for engineers to perform dynamic analysis and calculation for design parameter estimations.

Signal Processing and Simulation

Signal Processing and Simulation is comprehensive and powerful software for expediting digital signal processing learning. It provides full theoretical structure and visually simulates most common but hard-to-understand signal processing concepts. Click to download introductory PPT file.

Vibration Fundamentals

Vibration Fundamental is designed to teach basic concepts of vibration using an interactive and visual simulations. Each concept is explained theoretically and simulated to expedite learning. Click to download introductory PPT file.

Structural Dynamics Calculations I & II

Structural Dynamics Calculations is software for calculation and animation of vibration properties to optimize design. The properties of more than forty engineering structures, including plane area section, solid bodies, spring systems, natural frequency, and mode shape, are calculated and simulated. Package I is for flexural vibration of single- and two-degree-of-freedom systems. Package II is for torsional and complex flexural vibration systems. Click to download introductory PPT file for Vibration Calculations I and Vibration Calculations II.

Mechanics of Materials

In addition to the topics covered in Vibration Calculations I and II, beam and rigid frames analysis are the key contents of this software. It calculates shear force, bending moment, and deflection for over 100 loading conditions for beams and structures.