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ME’scopeVES (Visual Engineering Series) is a family of software packages and options that make it easier for you to observe, analyze, and document noise & vibration problems in machinery and structures. ME’scopeVES is used to display and analyze experimental multi-channel time or frequency domain data, acquired during the operation of a machine, or forced vibration of a structure.

State-Of-The-Art Interactive Animation

ME’scopeVES contains a state-of-the-art interactive animated display with which you can observe spatially defined data such as operating deflection shapes (ODS’s), mode shapes, acoustic sound and intensity fields, or other engineering data such at temperatures or pressures. By animating the spatial response of a structure in slow motion, you can view a structure’s overall motion, and the motion of one part relative to another. Locations of excessive vibration or high levels of noise are easily identified.
Using interactive sweep animation, you can animate a structure model by sweeping through a set of time histories, and observe its overall response; whether it is sinusoidal, random, transient, linear or non-linear, stationary or non-stationary. With interactive dwell animation, you can dwell at a specific time or frequency in a set of response data, and display shapes statically or with sinusoidal animation.