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SpectraQuest has developed software for engineers, technicians, and student to perfect their machinery vibration and diagnosis skills, including VibraQuest, our flagship data acquisition and analysis software.


VibraQuest is an integrated data acquisition and analysis solution package designed for diagnosing rotating/reciprocating machinery malfunctions, structural dynamics analysis and acoustical analysis. This novel software includes proprietary advanced signal processing algorithms specially designed for diagnosing faults in drivetrain components such as gearbox, bearings and rotor cracks. It integrates with XLRotor and MEScope to solve noise and vibration problems, from experimental design to the final correction.

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics software suite is for learning principles of signal processing, vibration fundamentals, and structural dynamics. Computer simulations, analysis, design and animations visualize theories and expedite learning.


AlignmentQuest is a dial indicator software for machinery shaft alignment.


BalanceQuest is comprehensive, user friendly software for balancing common rotating equipment.


XLRotor is a rotordynamics analysis software ideal for use in the design, maintenance, evaluation and audit of a wide variety of rotating equipment.


MEscopeVES (Visual Engineering Series) is a series of software packages designed to make it easier for you to observe and analyze a variety of noise and vibration problems in machinery and structures.