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About Us

Spectra Quest, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of complete Turn-key Systems for training and diagnosis in Machine Vibration Analysis, Rotor Balancing and Shaft/Coupling Alignment. System includes Machinery Fault Simulators, Interactive Training Program, Data Acquisition Hardware/ Software and Accessories. To accelerate the learning and design process SpectraQuest offers a series of interactive software CDs on Vibration Fundamentals and Calculations, Signal Processing, Alignment and  Balancing. We provide a complete infrastructure for setting up a training program to enhance workforce skills in Machine Condition Monitoring for reducing maintenance cost while improving product quality and plant reliability. The products and services are as follows:
  • Complete turnkey vibration training systems for machinery diagnosis that include a variety of rotor kits, hands-on training programs and manuals, laboratory exercises, educational software, and measurement systems.
  • Multi Channel Data Acquisition System including comprehensive analysis and modeling Software.
  • Complete Balancing Software and Hardware.
  • Shaft Alignment System.
  • Software CDs.
  • Semi and custom design “Test Rigs” for specialized rotor dynamics studies.
  • Consulting services that include machinery troubleshooting, machinery condition assessment, specialized vibration oriented software development, implementation of Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance programs.
Spectra Quest was established in 1995 and is staffed by degreed technical personnel with extensive experience in R&D, aerospace, and heavy manufacturing industries. Services and products have been sold in over fifty countries and include manufacturing companies, R&D departments, and academic institutions.