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Modified Machinery Fault Simulator

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Key Features

An optimum device for research in machinery fault diagnosis and gearbox dynamics

SpectraQuest’s Machinery Fault & Dynamics Simulator has been specifically designed to simulate different machinery faults and gearbox dynamics phenomena for experimental and educational purposes. It is robust to provide appropriate stiffness and sufficiently spacious for ease of component placement, setup, and installation of monitoring devices. The PC controllable brake on the main gearbox provides the capability of the loading effect study.


  • Designed for research in the fields of machinery condition monitoring and fault diagnostics.
  • Different types of machine mechanical faults, balance, misalignment, rolling element bearing, bent/bow shaft, cocked rotor, belt, sheave, mechanical rubbing, etc.
  • Gearbox diagnostics. Spur, bevel and helical gears can be seed faulted and studied.
  • Gearbox dynamics and noise study.