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Industrial 4.0

Industrial Applications

With SpectraQuest products, the expertise required to diagnose industrial machinery problems in well controlled experiments can be developed and enhanced. With a plant running at full production, it is virtually impractical to gain an understanding of the kinetics and dynamics of machinery without adversely affecting production and profits. Our complete product line enables offline training and experimentation which in turn will minimize production downtime. It enables not only to predict machinery condition to maximize yields and efficiencies, but also to support planned, efficient shut downs with just-in-time parts delivery.

Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS)

The Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS) family is designed to study the signature of common machinery faults, such as unbalance, alignment, resonance, bearing, rotor dynamics, crack shaft, gearbox, belt drive, reciprocating mechanism, mechanical rub, induction motor, pump, compressor, and fan.

Custom Machinery

SpectraQuest has long had experience in making custom machinery to meet our customer’s exact diagnostics machinery needs.

Shaft Alignment Trainer (SAT)

The Shaft Alignment Trainer (SAT) is designed for learning and correcting a wide variety of problems that can arise when shafts are misaligned.

Bearing/Balancing Simulator (BBS)

The Bearing/Balancing Simulator (BBS) is specifically designed to perform research and study of bearing faults and unbalance.


AlignmentQuest is a dial indicator software for machinery shaft alignment.


BalanceQuest is comprehensive, user friendly software for balancing common rotating equipment.