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Drive-train/Gearbox Diagnostics/Prognostics Test Rig

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The Ultimate Tool for Transmission Diagnostics/Prognostics Study

Spectra Quest’s transmission diagnostics/prognostics test rig is a turn-key test rig you can use to study the transmission diagnostics/prognostics and gear dynamics. The bench-top system has a spacious modular design featuring versatility, operational simplicity, and robustness. Most of the common gear faults and configurations can be simulated with this test rig.


The transmission diagnostics/prognostics test rig offers a wide range of tests on gearbox health monitoring,vibration based diagnostics, lubricant condition and wear particle analysis, etc. The four components in a planetary gear train, sun, planet and ring gears and the carrier, as well as the bearings, can be seed faulted separately or combined. By performing the seeded fault tests, you can evaluate the different technologies for powertrain diagnostic/prognostics and make quantitative performance predictions for every piece of the gearbox.
This design includes a novel custom designed overhung planetary gearbox. You can configure the parallel shaft gearbox with different gear types and use to load planetary gear for accelerated damage. The driveline is designed in a way which can accommodate different types of sensors such as encoder, torque and torsional vibration setups easily.