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Balancing and Bearing Fault Simulator

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Basic BBS
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An ideal tool to learn multi-plane balancing and bearings

The Bearing/Balancing Simulator (BBS) is specifically designed to demonstrate and support the study of bearing faults and unbalance under controlled conditions. The BBS is a variable speed machine that can be used to generate each type of fault individually or in combinations, providing a stable platform for study. Since bearing related problems are very common, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the associated fault signatures that occur under a variety of operating conditons. The same can be said for unbalance, where a properly balanced machine will save a factory on machine down time, replacement parts, inventory, and energy consumption. The BBS provides a basic setup for performing experiments and learning vibration signatures of unbalance and bearings malfunctions. Detailed investigation of particular and more advance vibration phenomena will require additional attachments and fixtures which are available through optional kits.