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SpectraQuest, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of complete Turn-key Systems for training and diagnosis in Machine Vibration Analysis, Rotor Balancing and Shaft/Coupling Alignment. Our systems include Machinery Fault Simulators, Interactive Training Program, Data Acquisition Hardware, Software and Accessories.

Following are some of our most popular products and more can be found under "Products" menu.


  • Machinery Fault Simulator
  • Vibration Fundamentals Training


  • Drivetrain Diagnostics Simulator
  • Wind Turbine Drivetrain Diagnostics Simulator

Custom Machinery

  • Transmission Diagnostics/Prognostics Test Rig
  • Drive-train/Gearbox Diagnostics/Prognostics Test Rig
  • Mechanical Transmission/Gearbox Diagnostics/Prognostics Test Rig

Machinery Fault Simulator

The Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS) family is designed to study the signature of common machinery faults, such as unbalance, alignment, resonance, bearing, rotor dynamics, crack shaft, gearbox, belt drive, reciprocating mechanism, mechanical rub, induction motor, pump, compressor, and fan.
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SpectraQuest provides technical notes to increase your knowledge in machinery fault and diagnosis. Most of the tech notes gathered data using SpectraQuest's own simulators and data acquisition systems.

Condition Monitoring Technology

Signal Processing


Resonance & Critical Speeds

Vibration Fundamental Training System

Rotor Misalignment

Bent Shaft

Rolling Element Bearings

Journal Bearings


Gearbox Diagnostics

Mechanical Rub

Crank Shaft




Motor Diagnostics & MCSA

Wind Energy

Torsional Vibration

Variable Frequency Drive


Technical Presentations


Sensor Mounting

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Spectra Quest´s engineering team consists of highly seasoned personnel who have been working with machinery for their entire careers. Many have over thirty years experience in all aspects of machinery design, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The consulting services typically address the following disciplines: Vibration and alignment training Machinery assessment and modification to improve rotor dynamics. Field testing, analysis, and reporting. Design and fabrication of rotor dynamics test platforms for research and special studies. Implementation of Predictive Maintenance programs. Implementation of Preventive Maintenance programs. If Spectra Quest can be of service, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Training Packages

Turnkey Training Packages For Machinery Diagnostics

SpectraQuest simulators and software are conveniently sold as comprehensive training packages. The purchase of a training package provides you with all of the components necessary (simulator, training manuals, transducers, and data acquisition and analysis software) for a fully functional, turnkey training system.

  • Turn your present engineers into vibration experts
  • Accurate machinery problem assessment and identification as to root cause
  • Improve process and machinery reliability and satisfy ISO and QS expectations
  • Practice and experiment in laboratory environment to accelerate the learning process
  • Experiment to clear doubts to achieve correct diagnosis every time.

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