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Mechanical Motion and Power Transmission Simulator

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SpectraQuest has designed an innovative Mechanical Motion and Power Transmission Training System (MMPTS) for demonstration and performing controlled experiments to enhance the learning of the fundamental concepts of motion and power transmission mechanisms. The MMPTS is comprehensive consisting of gears, belt, chain, and sprocket drives, fully integrated in a single unit. It is portable and easy to configure in many different manners providing an ideal platform for laboratory or classroom demonstrations. The apparatus design is robust and modular making is possible to arrange in many different configurations to study one mechanism at a time or investigate a combined effect. Users can perform transmission efficiency test with different amount and of lubricants. Each component is machined to a close tolerance for easy installation for conducting different experiments. User can obtain a motorized add-on package to install individual mechanisms on a base plate. A robust base plate with stiffener and mounting hardware is provided to perform a variety of controlled experiments.The MMPTS is a modular design for easy customization and, it is portable and robust. This training system can be effectively used to carry out maintenance and detailed study of the following:
  • Different Types of power transmission
  • Principle of
    • Worm gear
    • Rack and pinion
    • Bevel gear
    • Spur gear
    • Chain and sprocket
    • Belt and pulley drive
  • Gear mesh
  • Chain tightening
  • Belt tension
  • Chain alignment
  • Belt Alignment