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Wind Turbine Curriculum

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Why WT-C

Wind Turbine Curriculum

SpectraQuest has designed several courses with introductory text and experiments. The course content is integrated with the SpectraQuest Wind Energy Technology product line. The material can be adapted for use with an existing program or used to develop a new series of wind energy technology courses.

Here is a sample curriculum:

CodeTitleCredit Hours
WTT-101Introduction to Wind Energy3
WTT-102Wind Turbnie Principles and Components3
WTT-103Wind Turbine Inspection and Maintenance3
WTT-104Introduction to Electrical Machines3
WTT-105Wind Turbine Mechanical System3
WTT-201Wind Turbine Operation and Performance3
WTT-202Data Acquisition and Instrumentation3
WTT-203Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis3
WTT-204Electric Motors and Generators3
WTT-301Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines4
WTT-302Power Generation and Transmission3
WTT-303Wind Turbine Component Modeling4
WTT-304Wind Turbine Control4