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Wind Power Simulator

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Wind Power Simulator

Hands-on Apparatus for Learning the Basics of Wind Energy Power Generation to Operations & Maintenance

Wind Energy is the fastest growing renewable form of energy source in the world. To maximize the benefits from this technology, engineering students and technicians must be educated with the science and operational methodologies of wind turbines. SpectraQuest’s Wind Power Simulator (WPS) has been designed to teach/learn the fundamental principles of wind energy technology from power generation to operation and maintanence. This turnkey system provides an ideal platform for teaching the detailed concepts of how to generate electricity from the rotation of the blades/rotor, workings of electro-mechanical mechanisms, data acquistion, sensors & instrumentation, along with condition monitoring & diagnostics. The table-top system features three or four blade horizontal-axis rotor and hub, planetary and parallel shaft gearbox, brake system and a tri-phase generator.

The WPS is fully integrated with the SpectraQuest designed wind energy technology curriculum, step-by-step hands-on experimental exercises along with a full set of instrumentation to expedite learning. Each component of the WPS is provided with a see through window for visualizing the working details of the respective mechanism. Students can see the operation of both planetary and parallel shaft gearboxes, pitch control mechanism, slip rings, and more. The turnkey system can be used for teaching multiple courses in wind turbine technology program at your instittution.